Cowhide Chair

The cowhide is an excellent quality of leather. It is used to make accessories like purses, clothing and furniture. Goods made cow hide is easy to manufacture and much cheaper in price than other varieties of leather. One of the most popular home accessories made for home is a Cowhide Chair.

What do you understand by cowhide leather?

The cowhide leather is derived from cattle and is an important part of the cattle industry which sometimes focuses on meat manufacture only. But here after the cow is killed for meat consumption by the general population, the skin is used to manufacture various leather accessories. In the early days the leather used to be treated with special bark tree extracts and this would make it soft and odor free. Then the skin is dried in order to make it have a long life. The leather quality is determined when the tanning process starts and also after this process has been completed.

Cowhide ChairThe tanned leather is carefully selected before accessories are made. In case the skin surface has certain marks on it, it is used to make small accessories. The leather used to make the accessories depends on the quality and texture of the leather. The texture of a few cow hide leather is smooth while the others have a few grains on them. Also a leather expert would also mention to you that the top layer of cow hide leather is called top grain while the other layers are known as split grain. For making leather jackets split grain layer is used.

How to clean and maintain a chair which is made of cow-hide leather?

Chairs made from cow-hide leather make very comfortable and sturdy home furniture’s. If you want these comfortable chairs to last for a life time, you would need to make good care of them. The basic environment element that tries to undermine the quality of good leather is dust and dirt. These accumulate on the cow-hide furniture everyday and they need to be maintained on a regular basis. Cow hide leather when used in a chair to make Cowhide Chair has to be soft and moist. Otherwise if the leather texture becomes brittle it would lose it beauty. The basic care tips are:

•    The chair should be kept in areas where there is continuous circulation of air. This would help to keep the leather soft and moist. Otherwise it would become dry and brittle.

•    If the leather of your chair is made from top grain texture, the leather has to be handled with care. You can use a little oil to remove the dust and the dirt gently from the surface.

•    If hair is present on the surface of the cow-hide leather you would need to use a vacuum cleaner over it. The hair can be combed gently and then cleaned with the vacuum cleaner.

•    If you are cleaning a cow-hide furniture which has been tanned, you can use a soft brush and in one direction and remove the accumulated dirt. A clean rag which has been moistened with soap can be used where the dirt has accumulated. You can use circular motion to clean any tough dirt that has accumulated over a period of time.

•    It would be advisable to clean the furniture in small sections. Once each section is cleaned, it can be wiped again with a rug immersed in clean water, to remove any soap residue.

•    If you have a tough stain on the cow-hide leather, you can use diluted vinegar solution on the stain. When cleaning the stain, you would need to be careful so that any further marks are not made on the soft cow-hide leather. Otherwise the beauty of this soft durable furniture in our home would be destroyed and there would be an ugly discoloration on the surface of the leather.

Apart from these simple care tips you can also use a leather conditioner on it. This would keep the leather moist and make you a proud owner for many years to come.

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